3 Reasons Why You Need A Garden Office

Garden Office

If you work from home, and have the space, then installing a garden office (AKA a shed office) could be one of the best ideas you have this year. We’re so taken with the idea of the garden office, that we’re sure we can convince you of the benefits with just three examples:


Ever wanted to just go wild, decorate your office in a way that doesn’t clash with the rest of the house, is totally you, and has all the storage you could possibly need? Yes, that’s why you need a garden office.

Peace and Quiet

It’s harder for people to come knocking when you’re not actually at home. For those with friends who drop by for a ‘quick cuppa’ because you’re not really working when you’re working from home, having an outside office can be a blessing in disguise when deadlines loom.

Office Hours

Keeping better office hours is simple when you actually have to go somewhere to work, even if that is just to the end of your garden. It can put you in the right mindset to work, and relax, helping you switch your business brain on and off at the beginning and end of the day.

Getting your own office away from home can take a little bit of work. You need to be clear on what activities the building will need to support, ensure there’s proper insulation, electrics and even water if required. Your garden office can either convert a shed that’s already in place, or build a new one designed to your requirements.

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