5 Must-Do Roof Checks For The Winter

Roof Maintenance

As the first line of defence against the elements, having your roof up to task at hand is a priority when winter is fast approaching. To help you ensure your home is protected from everything the weather will try to throw at it, here are five must-do roof checks you can complete to get your roof ready. CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPES It may sound silly, but keeping your guttering and downpipes clear go a long way to protecting the integrity of your home’s walls. All you need is a long ladder, a bucket and trowel, and a head for heights. Carefully clean your gutters of any obstruction, checking the downpipes are clear too, to keep excess water from running down the walls instead of down the pipes. CHECK PIPES AND FLASHINGS Holes, broken seals and loose pipes or flashing can mean exposing areas of your home to the weather that aren’t equipped to cope. Take the time to check the seals on your pipes, replace anything that’s broken and check fixtures are strong and secure. If it snows, your pipes are going to end up supporting some extra weight, make sure they can handle it. REPLACE BROKEN SLATES OR TILES If you’re confident you know what you’re doing, and are comfortable working at height, check your roof for broken or loose slates or tiles and either nail them back down or replace them. If you’re in any way unsure about roof repairs don’t take the risk, you could make a minor problem far worse, so always ask for professional help. REMOVE DEBRIS Your roof is an excellent place for moss to grow (and birds to nest), it can also accumulate a lot of random debris that’s blown up there and gets stuck. While you’re checking your guttering, you can use a brush with an extended handle to carefully brush anything loose away from the roof – just take care not to brush away any loose roof tiles while you’re at it! CHECK INSIDE YOUR ROOF SPACE Climb inside your loft space and check for sagging. Your roof may be expected to hold up a lot of weight if it snows, sagging indicates that it won’t be up to the task as your roof is already struggling. Ask a professional to help with repairs as it may mean your support beams are damaged and need replacing. For free quotes or advice, why not give us a call today, we cover the Aylesbury, Stockenchurch areas, and beyond, and have over 15 years of experience with roofing. If you’re wanting to replace your roof, check the Planning Portal for information, especially if you’re looking to make any changes.