5 Reasons Orangeries Are Transforming Homes


Orangeries are old school; popular in the 17th to 19th centuries, they were originally built to protect fruit trees from our unfavourable winters. To help, stoves or even open fires were added in to help maintain the temperature inside. Orangeries aren’t your normal greenhouses, nor are they as fleeting looking as a conservatory, so you may need to look into planning permission requirements but here are 5 reasons why they are transforming homes in the UK.

Orangeries are durable

An orangery is a permanent structure added to the house, it provides warmth and sunshine – when it does shine obviously. Because of the nature of their construction, orangeries are more durable and often the better looking cousin of the conservatory.

Better at coping with the weather

Orangeries provide an additional room to the home, and offer security and insulation from the elements. Because they often have a partial solid roof, they’re better at coping with all the weather the UK throws at us.

Your orangery may end up the warmest room in the house

Because of the weather, and the solid construction, you can copy the original Orangery blueprint and add a wood-burning stove to the room. Helping to keep you warm in the winter – much nicer than ‘traditional’ central heating!

Orangeries blend in

Orangeries can be built to mimic the design and structure of your house, helping your new room to blend in to its environment while looking knock-out fantastic. It doesn’t have to look like something that was just added on as an afterthought, and it certainly won’t look generic.

They come in all sizes

You don’t need a grand house, or even a large house, for an orangery to look good. No matter how big or small your property is, an orangery is custom built to suit your needs and your home.

If you’re in the Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas and want to add an orangery to your home, why not get in touch for an obligation-free quote. We are experienced in constructing orangeries, and are can help find a suitable solution for your home.