Building an Extension

building an extension

Running out of room in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move to gain some additional space, building an extension can be a cheaper alternative to relocating and has the added bonus of allowing you to remain in an area you’re already familiar with and have established friends in. Not only that, but an extension can significantly increase the value of your home should you decide to sell at a later date

The type of extension you choose, single or double storey, will obviously have an impact on the overall cost. It’s important to put together a budget for building an extension prior to beginning, not only to ensure you don’t overspend, but also to be clear on what you can and can’t afford from the outset, which will guarantee a completed project at the end of the build.

The budgeted cost of building an extension should include everything you’ll need to pay for, from labour costs to materials to furniture and curtains. When you build an extension you may be subject to planning permission, so research the building regulations and budget for any building application fees that you may need to pay. Don’t forget to budget for all labour you will need, including an architect and project manager if your plans for building your extension require one or the other, or both. Always get at least three quotes and, if possible, references for every job, this will allow you to pick and choose your tradesmen based not only on cost but also on quality of finish and general professionalism.

House extension costs will vary depending on the route you take; for example, if you’re planning on using a project manager then, on average, a single storey extension will cost you around £1,200 per m2, compared to a self-management project that would cost £1,000 per m2. Two storey extensions will work out a little cheaper, and a loft conversion or basement conversion will be cheaper still. These costs take in to account the plumbing and electrical work that would be required to complete your project, but decoration and furnishings would, by necessity, have to be added to the cost of building an extension.

MJB Carpentry is able to help you building an extension to your exact requirements. With over 15 years of experience in the Oxford area, we have helped create space in people’s homes from Henley on Thames to Aylesbury. Our professional carpenters have the necessary expertise to help you create a stunning addition to your home, drop us a line for more information.