Building an Extension: 5 Things to Consider

Building an Extension

Between stamp duty, legal fees and moving fees, upping sticks and buying a new house because you’re running out of space in your current home can run to thousands of pounds. Why not put that money towards building an extension to house a new bedroom and bathroom, and you could increase your property value by up to 20% according to Nationwide.

Planning Permission

Do you need it? Well, not necessarily. There are rules you have to follow when building an extension, but sticking to them means there’s no need to apply for permission. The Planning Portal has all the details, and you may need to send a letter to your local authority if you go above a certain size development.

Building Regulations

You will definitely need approval, don’t skimp here. Plans will need to be drawn up by an architect and submitted to your local council for approval before the work starts. On 6th April this year, new regulations designed to protect the builders doing the actual work came into force, so they will need to put together a construction phase safety plan as a result. For more information about building regulations check out the Homebuilding and Renovation site.


It’s going to cost more than you planned, it’s inevitable and our beautiful British weather will almost certainly cause problems and set-backs. Add a contingency to your budget, and don’t forget to factor for the little things; there’s always items that get left out of the budget so try to be as thorough as possible and total up everything the room will need to be fit for purpose (even light switches).

The Right to Light

Your neighbour may try to block you during process by citing their Right to light – it may sound a bit daft but it is actually recognised by the law. It’s usually only relevant in city centres, but it can override any planning permission you may have. If you get hit with this one, contact a specialist lawyer for advice.

Toilets Go Anywhere

You no longer need to have a hallway space between a toilet and any other room, making the whole build an extension process much easier. So long as there is a wash basin and suitable ventilation, you can stick a toilet anywhere.

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