Choosing Front Doors: More than a First Impression

Front Doors

Your front door has to withstand a lot: rain, snow, high temperatures, low temperatures, strong winds and angry feet. Picking something that can withstand everything the elements – and your family – can throw at it while still ensuring the safety and security of your home can be harder than you think. We’ve broken down the types of door suitable for greeting the world to help you make the right choice for you and your home.

Steel Front Doors

A little unsurprisingly, steel front doors are becoming very popular. Not only are they cheap to purchase, but they’re also durable. Thanks to a wood or foam core, a steel door’s insulation properties can be as much as five times higher than a wooden door. The downside is how easily they can dent, kicking them closed could result in a scratch or ding, and if the painted surface is marred then the metal can rust.

Aluminium Front Doors

All the pros of a steel door with a baked on enamel finish that means you never have to repaint and it won’t rust. Built to order, aluminium doors are more expensive than steel doors but the choice in style and finish can make them more attractive. Just like steel doors, though, they are prone to denting.

Fibreglass Front Doors

Fibreglass front doors are growing in popularity; they’re able to mimic a wooden door but come with none of the yearly maintenance requirements – fibreglass doors can be stained or painted however you like and require a five-yearly update to keep them in tip top shape. They don’t warp or bow, making them look like wood but with none of the drawbacks.

PVCu Front Doors

Probably the cheapest option on the market and technically a composite, PVCu doors have are cheap because they have little strength to them. They’re created on a steel or timber frame to provide that strength and durability a front door requires. The hollow core can be packed with insulation, but require multiple locking points due to the flimsiness of the plastic.

Wooden Front Doors

Traditional wooden doors look fantastic, but come at a cost. Maintenance is vital to ensure they don’t warp or bow, and insulation values are lower on wood than on other manmade options. There’s a reason other doors mimic wood effect, and there’s nothing quite like them.

For information on building regulations relevant to doors check out the planning portal. Whatever your choice of front door, installation by a professional will ensure a proper fit, keeping your home safe from the elements. Give us a call if you’re in the Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire area for your free quote.