Choosing the ideal staircase railing for your home

Choosing Staircase Railing

Your bannisters probably aren’t something you think about often, but updating your staircase railing could make all the difference to your home for a number of reasons. Most obviously, safety is a great benefit to well made, well installed railings, especially as some of the most common accidents in the home occur on the stairs. But creating a new look and feel to your home with a simple change of staircase railings can also be a cost-effective way of modernising a much-used space, and linking the décor of the upper and lower floors together.

If you’re in need of updating your staircase railing here’s a few things you should think about before getting started:

Who uses your stairs (and railings) the most 

The most beautiful staircase railing in the world will be completely useless if it’s not suitable for the person who uses them the most. So if you have children, particularly ones that like to run up and down the stairs, make sure it’s kid-proof. For younger children that will need to use the railing to help them get up or down the mountain, the railing will need to be easy for them to reach and grasp. Ditto for anyone with mobility issues that will need to use the railings as a support, your choice will need to be sturdy enough to support their weight.

What does the period and decor of your house support?

Eclectic is all well and good, but your staircase is a focal point for your home and is often one of the first things a visitor sees when they arrive at your house. Choose materials and a style that complements what is already in place and the period of your home. Contrasting modern with older period homes can create a spectacular juxtaposition, but the design and installation needs to be carefully planned. The size and distance of your stairwell will also impact which designs and materials will be the most suited.

Off-the-shelf vs. bespoke 

The materials and style of the staircase railing you want to install should help you determine if you can buy something ready-made or if you require a bespoke service, as should the size and shape of your staircase. Railings are available in a range of different materials, from woods to metal to glass and even lights. Costs will vary depending on your choices, so budget may also play a part in your decision. Be clear about what you can afford before falling in love.

Guidelines on installing new staircases can be found on the Planning Portal and if you’re in the Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire area and would like to talk about the installation of a new staircase railing, or bespoke options, why not get in touch for an obligation-free quote from us.