Converting a Garage

converting a garage

Converting a garage is one way of creating more space in an overcrowded home providing you with some much needed overflow. Unlike a house extension, you’re using space already available and a single garage conversion could give you up to 150 square feet extra space. Need somewhere to work from home? Convert your garage in to an office. Want to have a kid free place to relax? Convert your garage in to a second lounge.

Converting a garage takes a little more than simply filling in the space from the garage door, but given the room that a potentially unused garage can help you unlock it can be well worth the effort. Bear in mind that planning permission may be required, and that building regulations need to be checked and complied with.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the foundations are solid enough to take the weight of the walls and the roof. Given that the area taken up by the door will need to be rebuilt following current building regulations, it’s possible that the foundations already in place will be unable to support the new wall. It’s also unlikely that the walls and roof your garage currently has are suitable for a domestic conversion and may also need to be replaced.

It’s well worth requesting the help of garage conversion specialists when thinking of converting your garage, given the trickiness of determining what you can keep of what’s already in place. Failure to comply with building standards could mean you are forced to return your garage conversion to its original state at your own cost, so it always pays to be clear on what needs replacing and budgeting accordingly

Things that may need updating when converting a garage in to a room can be:

  • Filling in the garage door area with a cavity wall and/or window
  • Upgrading the existing garage walls from a solid wall to a cavity wall with an internal skin and a course of damp proofing if needed
  • Upgrading the floor and roof
  • Introducing electrics and ventilation to the room

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