What garden fencing type is right for your home?

Garden Fencing

There’s more that goes into choosing the right garden fencing type for your home than you may imagine, so here’s a quick overview of the different style and materials you can pick from, as well as some of the questions you should be asking before you buy.

What’s the purpose of your fence?

Knowing what you want your fence to do for you and your home before you choose is probably the biggest question to ask yourself. Are you after more privacy? Do you want to block the wind but keep the view? Do you want to keep the dogs in the back garden while still making your home look great? Whatever your reason for needing a new fence, it’ll help you narrow down what type of fence is best.

What’s the look you are after?

Do you want something modern or eye-catching? Or do you love the wooden picket fence look? Does the fencing type you’re leaning towards suit the age and style of your home? It doesn’t have to match, if you have a period property for example, but it does need to be complementary.

Garden fencing types

Depending on the purpose of your fence, there’s a material and style to match. If you want to keep the view you might want glass or a traditional farm fencing type that still lets you see through your fence. You may prefer privacy, in which case a solid wooden panel garden fencing would be a better choice. Or perhaps you want to increase security around your home, so you’re looking for something with height and solidity.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a garden fencing type to suit. If you’re based in the Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire area and need help installing your new fence, why not drop us a line for a no-obligation quote by contacting us.