Revamp Your Kitchen – Five Top Tips

Barbecue season is back again, and as summer continues and entertaining friends and family once again becomes the weekend norm, perhaps now is the time to think about revamping your kitchen. Even on a strict budget of very little there are tips and tricks to making your kitchen look like new. To help, here’s five to get you started:

Revamping your kitchen needn’t be a chore
Revamping your kitchen needn’t be a chore

A great room needs focal points, so decide if you want yours to be colour, pattern, features or cabinetry and act accordingly.

1 – If you’re after colour, look for places you can introduce it. Paint is one of the easiest options, and it’s a cheap one at that. If you don’t feel like re-painting your entire kitchen, consider painting just the cupboard doors, or even the splashback to freshen up a tired room. Even the oldest and most battered door can be made pretty again with the right primer and paint, and don’t forget about the interior of cupboards for a cheeky pop of colour every time a door is opened.

2 – Alternatively, change your wall cupboards to open shelving by simply removing the doors and arranging your kitchenware to display those prettier pieces to revamp your kitchen. A quick application of wallpaper or wrapping paper to the interior of a cupboard will add colour and pattern to your kitchen, a great contrast if your current décor is white or neutrally toned. If you don’t currently have a splashback you could even consider using a wallpaper instead, just give it a lick of varnish or watered down PVA to waterproof it once it’s dry.

3 – Changing the hardware in your kitchen can seem like an insignificant change on paper, but makes a nice difference in the flesh. Door knobs, handles and light fittings can all be updated, switched out or freshened up for relatively little cost. It can really help bring a room together and help revamp your kitchen.

4 – It’s all in the details, so add in little touches with flea market finds, architectural pieces such as plaster moulding and old brackets, or a brand new pot rack from a curtain pole. Whatever your style, find ways of adding in complimentary touches in keeping with the tone of the room.

5 – If revamping your kitchen means changing up the room entirely, then plan carefully and plan again. Replacing cabinets on a budget is still possible, especially if you do the work yourself, but be cautious when trying to save money as you may sacrifice workmanship, particularly where kitchen work surfaces are involved. Fitting kitchen worktops is a tricky business, and when it’s done wrong there’s no way to hide it. Any worktop that needs to go around a corner should be professionally cut, especially if an angled cut is required or your worktop is made of wood.

Here at MJB Carpentry we have years of experience you can take advantage of that will revamp your kitchen. Take the time (and money) to hire a professional kitchen worktop fitter and give MJB Carpentry a call for quotes.