Top 5 Building Works You Can Do Without Planning Permission

Building Works You Can Do Without Planning Permission

Creating a home that works for your lifestyle often means some building work needs to be involved. But the thought of applying for planning permission can often put people off, sometimes for no reason as you may be surprised what building works you can do without planning permission, so long as you follow building regulations.

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually extend your house without requiring planning permission. So long as you follow the rules relating to the type of house and extension you’re planning then you could increase your property size up to 15% (to a maximum of 112 cubic metres) of its original size via both single or two storey extensions.

While you can’t extend to the front of your house, or side if it faces a highway, you can build a porch extension without applying to your council. So long as your new porch is less than three square metres in size (measured from the outside), is not taller than three metres nor comes within two metres of the property line and/or pavement you won’t need planning permission.

Sometimes everyone needs a little peace and quiet, so if your house can’t provide that, why not build a little quiet in that piece of the garden that’s not really used? So long as your new office, reading nook or games room doesn’t take up more than 50% of the land attached to your house (including the area covered by any extensions) and is located at the back of the house, then you’re free to build that shed without permission. Just don’t build it as an extra bedroom for the in-laws, or the rules change!

Swimming Pools
Oh yes, you can build yourself a pool to laze around in the short space of time we call summer without requiring planning permission to complete. Once again, providing that your new pool doesn’t take up more than 50% of the grounds attached to your house and doesn’t sit at the front, then you can install that pool for the entire family to enjoy.

Two into One
If you really love where you live, and are lucky enough that the property next door becomes available, you could knock through to make one extra large home for you and yours without needing planning permission. Houses such as two semis, or adjacent flats recreated as one, planning permission may not necessarily be required. But if you want to go the other way, creating two properties out of one requires an awful lot of red tape to cut through. It’s best to consult with the Planning Portal to provide further guidance here.

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