How to Care and Maintain Wooden Windows

wooden windows

If there’s one thing most people agree on it’s that wooden windows look fantastic. But they come with a cost: maintenance. Well maintained wooden windows can last a lifetime, so we’ve put together a little how-to to help you make sure yours look their best.

Regular Maintenance 

The more regularly the maintenance is carried out on wooden windows, the better. Not only will it help you get a head start on any potential issues before they become serious issues, but it will ensure your windows look gorgeous all year round. Catching problems early can help you save money and elbow grease, and  keep your interior safe from the outside elements.


There are a variety of treatments you can use on your wooden windows to keep them well maintained and protect them from the weather. Varnishes are great for wet areas, like the west of the UK, as it forms a skin over the timber to keep it protected. Just like paint, though, it’s not great for areas that have strong sunshine, as it can become brittle and flake.

An alternative is a sealant; essentially an oilier version of a varnish that’s been thinned down. Sealants are great for wooden windows because they last anywhere from one to five years, helping to reduce the effort of maintenance.

Oils are another great way of protecting and maintaining your wooden windows, and nourishes the wood as it protects it. Unfortunately, it has the shortest lifespan and needs replacing often. Click here for a handy list of pros and cons for each method.


Regular cleaning is a must. Dirt and ash can damage the wood after long periods. A thorough clean, inside and out, with mild soapy water to help clear away any build up will work wonders for your wooden windows’ lifespan. Take the time to fully check over your windows, the hardware, timber and finish whilst cleaning for any problem areas that need repairing.


If you’re looking to install wooden windows, check out the Planning Portal for guidelines that may affect you. And remember, you can always ask a professional for help with your wooden windows. For those in the Watlington, Chinnor and Stadhampton areas, we’re available for a free quote if you’d like to discuss your windows further.