Choosing Roof Windows

Roof Windows

A loft conversion can be made or broken by the choice of roof window you decide upon. Making the most of the natural light available, and offering what may be much needed ventilation during the warmer months, loft conversion windows can be the most important detail you have to choose.

Depending on the type of roof you have, head space may only be available through the middle of the converted room and, as such, may help with your decision on the type of roof windows best for you. Staircase access may, by necessity, have to come through the centre of the room to allow head clearance due to the slope of the roof. If space is limited and you have planning permission to do so, investing in dormer roof windows can provide you with much needed additional room and allow you to keep the staircase to one side as a result.

Dormer windows are built out from the house, resulting in the use of a normal window, but regulations in your area may mean you can only install dormer windows at the rear of your property. Make sure to take in to account your neighbours feelings, as they can overlook your neighbours’ gardens, and keep the window size and feel within keeping of the overall look of your home. Research the types of dormer roof windows available to you, and cost; these are not the cheapest option to go for, but can make a huge difference to how you use your loft conversion.

As a cheaper alternative, consider installing a bank of roof lights. Building regs and planning permissions may restrict just how many you can use, and where on the roof they can go, but the more you can fit in, the more light you’ll receive. It’s important to note, however, that as they fit in to the existing roof, there is no real additional space to be made by installing these.

These types of windows are suitable for most conversions, even bungalow loft conversions, and typically have a pivot opening, either from the top third or, more commonly, from the middle. This allows for ease of opening and cleaning, as the window tilts in such as way as to allow the outside to be easily reachable. Side opening or top opening roof lights are also available, granting some limited space as the window opens outwards.

MJB Carpentry has extensive experience installing roof windows, and our qualified carpenters have the expertise necessary to give you a stunning look. Located in the Oxford area, we have helped customers achieve great results with their loft conversions, from Watlington to Thame to High Wycombe.