Undertaking Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance can be the key to reducing unnecessary repairs throughout your home, due to leaks or storm damage, all of which can be avoided by taking a little bit of time to ensure your home is watertight.

The best time to go through your roof maintenance schedule is probably early Autumn, before the big storms start up and, hopefully, before any large rain falls. Simple roof maintenance you can do yourself might include inspecting your loft for leaks, usually caused by broken or missing tiles or slates, or deteriorated flashing. Pinpoint any leaks, taking note of any wet timbers and joints. See if you can determine the cause, as some might be fixable by yourself, but some may benefit more from hiring a professional roofing service to help you, particularly if access to the roof outside is required or joints need to be repaired.

Check the roof insulation is sufficient and meets building reg requirements. Inadequate insulation can significantly increase heating costs, and purchasing additional loft insulation is easy, as is laying it. Just remember to use gloves, a mask and goggles to protect your eyes and lungs from the fibres of the insulation.

Flat roofs may have splits in the covering, or water pooling on the lower sections, all of which will need to be repaired prior to the winter months, or it could result in the entire roof needing to be replaced if left too long, especially if leaks have led to structural damage in the supporting timbers.

Other potential problem causers may be vermin or birds nesting in your chimney or inside the walls or roof. Plants sprouting in your guttering, or simply out of the roof. Loose, cracked or missing mortar allowing the elements inside. And defective or just missing flashing along any roof joins.

For bigger issues you discover, more significant repairs, or simply because you’re afraid of heights, consider hiring local roofers to help with your roof maintenance. MJB Carpentry is an Oxfordshire based company, highly experienced in roofing and repairs, and we are happy to help with any roofing repairs you need, large or small. Get in touch for more information or to organise an obligation free quote.